Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question regarding our services, please contact us.

What is a BC Notary?

A BC Notary is a trained legal professional. We have our Master’s in Applied Legal Studies and we are commissioned by the Supreme Court of Canada. BC Notaries practice in two key areas of law – Real Estate matters (buying or selling real estate) and Personal Planning Documents (Wills, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Representation Agreements). We specialize in non-contentious legal matters. We are accessible and work with our community members to provide straight forward legal advice. BC Notaries are very unique in comparison to all other notaries across North America.

What is the difference between a Lawyer and a BC Notary?

BC Notaries are very unique. Similar to Lawyers, BC Notaries can provide legal advice within our area of expertise. We can provide legal advice on non-contentious issues such as Real Estate matters (buying or selling real estate) and Personal Planning documents (Wills, Powers of Attorneys, and Healthcare Representation Agreements).

BC Notaries do not go to court nor do we deal with disputes such as family matters like separation agreements or divorces.

BC Notaries have professional liability insurance, similar to lawyers.

I recommend that you call or book an online appointment, and I will assist you to determine if a BC Notary can assist or provide a referral to a lawyer.

What are your fees?

Our fees vary, of course, depending on the service you need. The best way to find out about our fees  is to call us and tell us exactly what you need. Or, book a free 15-minute consultation.