Real Estate Transactions

A home is one of your major assets. That’s why you hire a legal professional to handle the conveyancing process.

How a BC Notary Can Help when You Are Buying, Selling, Mortgaging, or Refinancing a Property
•    BC Notaries specialize in many real estate matters and transactions.
•    We provide a seamless transition by navigating among all parties involved, clarifying or creating the required documentation, and ensuring all details are addressed. That helps eliminate stress and confusion for you.
•    You will have peace of mind knowing your real estate transaction has been completed correctly, on time, and at a reasonable cost.

I am experienced in the following legal areas.
•    Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transfers, including single-dwelling homes, condominiums, stratas, and mobile homes (manufactured homes)
•    Mortgage Refinancing Documentation
•    Family Transfers
•    Contracts and Agreements
•    Easements and Rights of Way
•    Restrictive Covenants and Builder’s Liens
•    Subdivisions and Statutory Building Schemes

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